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The Freiburg Interdisciplinary Center for Ethics is a central scientific unit of the University of Freiburg, established in December 2005. The Center brings together the scientific institutions of the University of Freiburg that focus on ethical questions in the sciences, whether in the form of basic issues or questions related to applied ethics. By combining the different ethics disciplines, the existing interdisciplinary orientation of the University of Freiburg is to be further expanded and the existent ethics competencies at the university as a whole are to be linked together more closely, with the aim of achieving synergetic effects in research and teaching.


The following faculties are involved in the Center for Ethics: the Faculty of Humanities (Professorship for Philosophy, focus on Ethics, Professor Hühn), the Faculty of Theology (Chair for Moral Theology, Professor Schockenhoff; Institute of Practical Theology, Section of Caritas Science and Christian Social Work, Professor Baumann) and the Faculty of Medicine (Department of Ethics and the History of Medicine, Professor Maio).

This combination of specialist ethicists is a further step towards institutionalised dialogue between the natural sciences and the humanities at the University of Freiburg.


The main tasks of the Freiburg Interdisciplinary Center for Ethics are:

  • Promotion of interdisciplinary research into ethics
  • Establishment of innovative, multidisciplinary teaching methods
  • Assumption of an ethical advisory function for public and private institutions

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