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  • Latest new publication:

    Buchcover Joachim Boldt, Oliver Müller, Giovanni Maio:
    Synthetische Biologie. Eine ethisch-philosophische Analyse.
    (Synthetic biology. An ethical/philosophical analysis.)
    Bern: BBL 2009 (Beiträge zur Ethik und Biotechnologie, 5)
    ISBN 978-3-905782-04-2

    This book explores synthetic biology, aiming not only at an analysis but also at replication and new construction. With the vision of creating new single-cell forms of life, this newly established area of research "Living Things" approaches the domain of technical producibility, thus raising the question - from an ethical and philosophical perspective - of risk assessment and how humans deal with nature and life.

    Expert reports, commissioned by the Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology ECNH, are published in the series "Beiträge zur Ethik und Biotechnologie" (Contributions to Ethics and Biotechnology). These reports furnish the foundation for discussions on the ethical aspects of biotechnology, and are used as working papers by the ECNH.

  • German Federal Cultural Foundation funds interdisciplinary project

    TheaterThe German Federal Cultural Foundation is funding an interdisciplinary, artistic/educational project run by the Interdisciplinary Center for Ethics at the University of Freiburg with Freiburg Theatre. In cooperation with eight Freiburg schools, ethical issues of modern neurotechnologies are elaborated in five groups of students; based on these findings, directors and performers will then put on a play, which will be presented as a "Congress" at the theatre on 18 and 19 April 2009. In October 2009, Hans-Werner Kroesinger will stage "ME, Cyborg" with adolescents and actors in the Großes Haus of Freiburg Theatre as a continuation of this work.
    Article in the Badische Zeitung (PDF/German)

  • New academic management at the Freiburg Interdisciplinary Center for Ethics

    The position of Academic Coordinator at the Interdisciplinary Ethics Centre Freiburg has been filled for the first time. Dr. Katharina Westerhorstmann, previously Research Assistant at the Chair for Systematic Philosophy at the Theologische Fakultät Paderborn, has been in charge of the new Office of the Ethics Center in the premises of the Institute of Ethics and the History of Medicine since 15 October 2008. Ms. Westerhorstmann will primarily be responsible for the conceptual design of projects and administrative duties in the area of interdisciplinary research and teaching.

  • Freiburg Interdisciplinary Center for Ethics involved in cluster of excellence "bioss"

    The University of Freiburg was successful with its cluster of excellence "Centre for Biological Signalling Studies (bioss)" in the initiative for excellence competition among German universities. The cluster integrates a field of work on the assessment and reflection of the ethical implications of biological research, which Interdisciplinary Center for Ethics was instrumental in devising. The Center will support the work of bioss in the years to come by carrying out research and teaching.

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